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    If you are in the beginning of your health journey & want accountability, support & community --> Coaching will do that for YOU.


    If you are a personal trainer or athlete and want to reach more people --> Coaching will do that for YOU.


    If you are in a corporate job and are tired of the negativity & want to earn a larger income --> Coaching will do that for YOU.



    I’m a big believer that when something tugs at your heart strings you’ve got to just go for it.


    Every single day I’m grateful beyond belief that I got out of my way and did just that and signed up as a coach.

    Becoming a coach, and building our Barbellas family has changed the entire trajectory of my life, future plans & the opportunities that my husband Drew & I now have to give back & make an impact on the lives of others.

    While I was skeptical of coaching at the beginning, even questioning if it was really a “real job”.

    The ripple effect of my decision, the IMPACT on lives and families, the PASSION I’ve found… and real talk the NUMBERS... don’t lie.


    It only took me 6 months of coaching part time, while working a full time job, to build this “side business” into a meaningful income stream (I'm earning on average $1,500 per month) and working towards replacing my full time income by the end of the year.


    It’s an INCREDIBLE opportunity that I desperately have to share with others because we are so blessed from it’s impact on us.

    We have set up ourselves and our future family for success before our family even grows.


    I have the opportunity to pay down a significant portion of my student loan debt!


    & most of all, we have the FREEDOM to design our lives, build our dreams and HELP others in any way possible.






    You see…I believe, we are ALL meant to SHINE.

    It’s not just SOME of us; it’s EVERYONE.


    & if we shine our own light, we give other people PERMISSION & ENCOURAGEMENT to do the same.

    & let’s be real….


    If I know anything, it’s that the world DESPERATELY needs people shining in whatever way they can.

    The world does NOT need people playing it small or sleep-walking through life just going through the motions.


    On our growing Barbellas Family….


    I see a WHOLE lot of future 6 figure earners.

    I see a WHOLE lot of “work anywhere with wifi” mobile entrepreneurs frolicking around the world building lifestyles they love.

    I see a whole lot of women with the opportunity to be stay at home moms in the future should they choose.

    I see a lot of strong friendships and sister-like bonds.

    I see a lot more family vacations, strengthened relationships & marriages and opportunities to give back to those in need.


    If you are reading this feeling that tug at your heart, I want to talk to you.

    Remember, the only time we have is the time we are given.

    & your ONLY choice in life is how you spend your given time.

    I will tell you….ANYTHING is possible if love enough love in your heart for people & a desire to make a true long lasting impact on the lives of others.


    If you are interested in hearing more, contact me so we can see if becoming a member of our Barbellas family is right for you.

    Girl….if not now… when?

    Talk soon!


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    1: 1 Coaching

    Get personal coaching from business & social media experts to help you build your personal brand in the fitness industry. We make sure you have all the tools and education you need to succeed, including weekly team calls, mastermind groups, 24/7 access to direct training and support.

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    Direct access to our coaching platform. Where you can easily customize & scale your fitness brand.

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    Excelling with us will lead to limitless growth and income potential within the fitness industry. Earn additional income just from doing what you already do ... help other people get results!

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